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New customers receive 5% up to $500 off first order
New customers receive 5% up to $500 off first order

About NMH

We Deliver Health to our Customers


Our Story

The Nine Mile team has been in the health and beauty industry since 2010. As a leading supplier of infection prevention technologies to customers across the United States, we have been able to meld our experiences in health and beauty, logistics, and education to deliver our clients with unmatched access to infection prevention solutions.

Our Purpose

Nine Mile’s business is making our clients’ business run smoothly and safely. We are focused on delivering our customers the products and solutions they need to ensure the safety of their team, customers, students, patients, and guests.

Our Vision

We are bringing direct-to-consumer retail service quality to our business clients and ensuring they have access to the healthiest choices in infection prevention. We are deliver effortless ordering, transparent logistics, and machine-learning driven product suggestions to ensure our clients have what they need, when they need it.