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Infection Prevention is here to stay

A majority of states have lifted their mask mandates, the CDC has declared that vaccinated individuals don’t need to wear a mask, and case counts and the death toll are steadily decreasing. Eager for good news, some Americans have been quick to throw their masks away in victory and declare an end to the pandemic. As nice as it would be, the pandemic has not been turned off like a switch. Continued vigilance is critical as we slowly transition back to normal. Infection prevention has become the norm, and it will remain the norm.

Masks are falling out of fashion, but they’re not obsolete. Masks are still recommended for those who are unvaccinated, are essential in schools and in health-care settings, and can provide a valuable layer of defense for anyone seeking extra protection. With certain businesses still having a mask requirement and several states still having some sort of mask mandate, the mask - like the pandemic - is here to stay for at least a little while longer.

Hand sanitizer usage surged during the pandemic, as the public was reminded of the importance of hand hygiene. While effective against COVID-19, hand sanitizer can also prevent a variety of other illnesses and diseases. Its practicality beyond COVID keeps hand sanitizer relevant for years to come. Hand sanitizer dispensers and bottles have become much more commonplace since last March, and business owners should continue to keep them stocked. Customers are becoming accustomed to hand sanitizer being available and are more likely than ever to make use of it. Despite the public tiring of the pandemic, they certainly appreciate an establishment that is accounting for their safety. 

We’re here to help you finish the fight against COVID-19. By offering masks, hand sanitizers, and a variety of other infection prevention solutions, we’re helping hundreds of clients across the education, food service, and healthcare industries move forward from the pandemic. We’re here to keep you safe, through the pandemic and beyond.


Article by Alex Pepper

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